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Our Vision:

To foster action and advocacy to advance the care of lung cancer patients and their caregivers

Our Mission: To provide resources for patients and caregivers, raise money for research and advocate for lung cancer awareness, prevention and early detection

To turn our mission into reality, we:

  • Provide support, information and hope to lung cancer patients and their caregivers

  • Solicit increased funding for research, such that donation levels are comparable to those of other common cancers

  • Connect resources and lead collaborative efforts in Missouri to:

    • Bring awareness to the public to help reduce the stigma associated with lung cancer so that all impacted by the disease are treated with dignity and receive the same level of care

    • Educate the public, medical treatment providers and support networks about lung cancer’s devastating toll and the need for prevention and early screening

    • Support and create awareness for legislation that advocates for lung cancer prevention and treatment initiatives

We need to add a link on this page to show another page or graphic of grants we have made.  They aren't large but we should show it.  it is on our old site under About Us LCC Donations.

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