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Help us save lives!

Every dollar donated funds cutting edge research to find a cure.


Every dollar donated to Blow Up Lung Cancer supports the groundbreaking lung cancer research of

Dr. Govindan at Washington University in St. Louis. 

Quick Facts

  • Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer caused deaths in the US. More than the next three most deadly cancers combined. 

  • Lung Cancer is NOT just a smoker's disease. If you have lungs, you can get lung cancer. 

  • Lung Cancer research has helped develop treatments for many other cancers. We all benefit from this research. 

About Dr. Govindan

Dr. Govindan is a practicing medical oncologist at Siteman Cancer Center, and he also leads a team of Washington University physicians and scientists who are developing new therapies and leading clinical trials that investigate promising new approaches to the disease. 


Dr. Govindan is the Anheuser Busch Chair of Medical Oncology and Professor of Medicine in the Department of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) and the co-leader of the Solid Tumor Therapeutics Program at Siteman Cancer Center. He is studying genomic alterations in lung cancer and translating these findings in the clinic. He has led several national and international clinical trials in lung cancer. He is the Principal Investigator for the NCI sponsored ALCHEMIST Trial to study the impact of targeted therapy in early stage lung cancer. He is the co-chair of the lung cancer working group for The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project, a national effort to identify the genetic roots of common cancers, and the Cancer Driver Discovery Project (CDDP) funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). He is also the Principal Investigator of the NCI sponsored Paul Calabresi K12 Oncology Training Program and the R25 STRENGTH program at WUSM both funded by the NCI.

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