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MISSION STATEMENT: To raise awareness, increase patient and family support, and to advocate for greater funding for lung cancer research, screening and treatment.



  • Personalize who LCC is and help us connect to the donors and community.

  • Help build coherence to the meaning and purpose of LCC.

  • Help others to see the Vision and Mission of LCC.

  • Help cultivate a following of other volunteers and supporters of LCC from those willing to lend their time and talent to opportunities as they choose (wearing our brand through bracelets or t-shirts, reach out to advocacy groups, assist in speaking roles, share awareness and statistics when appropriate, volunteer, promote events and help recruit volunteers, participate in advocacy efforts on a local, regional, or national level).

  • Assist LCC in spreading word through social media.  As an example, invite all your friends to “like” the LCC Facebook page.

  • Assist LCC with forming partnerships with organizations and individual donors.

  • Consider serving on sub-committees or establishing relationship with the Board.

  • Attend bi-monthly meetings.

  • Share information, statistics and awareness to others. 

  • Personally attend LCC functions and invite family and friends.

  • Host or sponsor individual fundraising efforts.


We are survivors from the moment of diagnosis.

Peter Jennings

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